Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact the Executive here.

or contact the Registrar, Amanda at 250-308-4417 or email

Can I make a cash donation to the Playschool?

Of course!

Contact the Executive here for additional information.

I’d like to get involved to help out as a volunteer, can I?

Absolutely! We are always looking for volunteer help. Please contact an executive member here.

What forms do I need to fill out to get registered?

These ones!

Is the Hudson’s Hope Playschool a registered society?

Yes! The playschool is a registered society in BC.

What is the address of the Playschool, and where is it on Google Maps?

The playschool is located at 10112 MacIntosh Crescent. Google Maps view looks like this.

Are child care subsidies available?

Yes! See the Child Care Subsidy website for more information.

Are these fees tax deductible?

Yes! Receipts are issued periodically and can be claimed against row 214 of the T1 General for the lower income spouse. See for T778 for more detail

How much does it cost?

Full days: $40/day

Half days: $25/half day

What are the hours of the playschool?

Full day: 7:30am – 4:30pm (flexible drop off/ pick up times by arrangement)

Half Day Mornings: 7:30am – 12:00pm

Half Day Afternoons: 12:30pm – 4:30pm

What is the instructor to student ratio?

One educator to 8 students (1:8)

What are the qualifications of the instructors?

The instructor(s) are certified Early Childhood Educators (ECE’s), as required by regulation unless there is an approved variance allowing otherwise

Is the playschool a licensed childcare facility?

Yes! The Hudson’s Hope Playschool is licensed as a Multi-Age Child Care facility, and is presently operating with children from 30 Months to School Age in accordance with the Child Care Licensing Regulation

I am an ECE, and am looking for work, who can I contact to find out about career opportunities?

Contact the Executive here for additional information.